Two Notes

Two Notes 1.67

Easy to use virtual sticky notes


  • Simple
  • Color coded
  • Configurable


  • No innovations

Very good

If you're a fan of sticky notes, Two Notes is a simple little application that lets you stick notes all over your Windows desktop.

When open, Two Notes is a smart little window, although it's not traditional Windows style. There are a few template notes in the window, and double clicking any will open a sticky note you can write whatever you want in it. The note will be stamped with a time or date, a category of your choice, or a signature of your choice. It seems impossible to create your own template notes, but the notes themselves are very user friendly.

The notes stick wherever you leave them, you can minimize them, and resize them easily. If you close Two Notes, it will remember where you left your sticky notes.

As far as organizing your life, sticky notes are a really basic way of doing it, and Two Notes doesn't add anything to the paper technology! It would have been nice to have some more features - support for hotlinks at least - as it stands Two Notes are really basic.

If all you want is a sticky-notes notes simulator for your desktop, Two Notes is fine, but it doesn't add anything new to the experience.

Two Notes


Two Notes 1.67

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